Bára & Kuba on the road

Avalanche Peak and autumn in Arthur’s Pass

A lovely autumn weekend in South Island when we stretched our legs during an arduous hike to Avalanche Peak, the 1833m summit with grand views of Canterbury landscape.

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New Caledonia: vanilla from Lifou and vibrant Noumea

The final part of our trip led us to a small island of Lifou where we chilled on white sand beaches, went snorkeling in tranquil water as well as learned some interesting facts about the life of a vanilla fruit. The last few hours we spent wandering around vibrant Noumea before a plane took us back home.

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New Caledonia: magnificent colours of Great South

Red, green and blue, those are the colours which describe Great South. During a short time, we explored Parc Provincial de la Rivière Bleue with its drowned forest, admired views over lake Yate and visited a small sleepy town under Yate dam.

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New Caledonia: lush rain forest and desolated mines of East Coast

Two days full of ups and downs. We explored spectacular waterfalls, strolled empty white sand beaches and watched an amazing sunset from our front beach shelter. We also drove through a deserted landscape exhausted from nickel mining and almost run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere. All that was the East Coast of New Caledonia.

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New Caledonia: scorched land and white beaches of West Coast

After Bali and Samoa, it was time to explore another island in the middle of Pacific – New Caledonia. For a week we traveled around the country and saw many of its gems. The first couple of days we spent on the West Coast where the dry moon-like land was surrounded by white sand beaches and washed by turquoise sea.

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