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East Harbour Regional Park

East Harbour Regional Park

Initially, we planned to make a bigger trip to Castle Point but after a hard Friday night and my tiny hangover on Saturday morning we had to change our plans.

Because of my guilty feeling, that I missed such beautiful Saturday weather, we set off on our trip quite early.

Firstly, we wanted to walk to Lake Kohangatera but then we realised we had a lack of time and so we decided to explore a loop in East Harbour Regional Park.

We parked our car at the beginning of the track and followed the Wainuiomata River towards the coast. All around us were sheep. Small ones, big ones, furry ones or shorn ones. Don’t step into the sheep droppings was mission impossible. As we passed Old pump house, which didn’t seem really historic, the path started to rise up. It was quite a good warm up.

Finally, we crawled to the top of the hill and as a reward we received an amazing view of the coastline. We followed the sheep droppings to the Baring Head lighthouse reserve. It is “The site of the second-to-last manned lighthouse to be built in New Zealand.” as written in the brochure.

The way back to the car was pretty easy as we walked around the other side of Baring Head’s cliffs and had a perfect view of Pencarrow Head and Wellington. A last few meters up and down and we were at the car-park.

Therefore, even though it wasn’t as big a trip as it should have been, we spent a lovely half-day and saw a little bit more of wonderful nature. Moreover, surprisingly, we didn’t take too many sheep droppings back into the car :-).

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